Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Here's Why Rob Ford shuns the Pride Parade

October 2, 2014, letter to Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume. A similar letter sent to Edward Keenan, also a Toronto Star columnist. No reaction from either. A similar letter to The National Post was not published.

In your column of Sept 26 you correctly describe Rob Ford's refusal to participate in the Pride Parade as his unwillingness to alienate his base. 

What is that base? It comprises approximately one-third of the voting population and includes (perhaps its majority) those who object to naked men walking down the main street of their city, who object to men on floats clothed only in underwear simulating masturbation, and who object to others simulating anal sex. For objecting to what they, and I, honestly consider indecency, you label us bigots, and that meaningless word, homophobic. Is that why Ford shuns the event?

The Star billed the Pride Parade as a family event. I challenged Editorial Page Editor Andrew Phillips to take his family to the parade, have their picture taken with naked men, and publish it. He refused. Doesn't a family newspaper report on family events?

Know that I voted for George Smitherman and Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, and will vote for for her again. So long as a candidate's political views are more or less in accord with mine, I don't care if they are polka-dotted aliens. Would that the Toronto Star extended such forbearance to those with whom it disagrees.

In spite of all, I wish you, Andrew and the Star, continued success.

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