Sunday, October 16, 2016

Political correctness runs rampant at the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Just as we believed there couldn't possibly be any more avenues of mischief the Ontario Human Rights Commission (aka tribunal) might tramp down, these righteous people have expanded their mandate to include language engineering.

According to news reports, our bleeding-heart Commission has added to its ever expanding list of nonsense grievances the refusal to address someone by that person's customized pronoun.

(These same people, not long ago, dreamed up a make-work project by demanding the government give them authority to censor the internet. Common sense blew that one out of the water.)

Yes. I can drag you in front of those apparatchiks should you refer to me as he or him rather than my chosen pronouns  -- maybe and perhaps. Yes, I have the right to change adverbs into pronouns. And never refer to me as you, say couldbe.

It's political correctness run rampant.

For not using my selected pronouns, you will have disturbed this snowflake, insulted my personality, caused people to look at me funny, lowered my libido, offended my dignity, caused me to lose my job or fail my university exams. More grievances are on the way.

The good news is they will order you to give me a bag of money. That will immediately rectify all of the above.

The cash return is the main reason why anyone would appeal to this tribunal. At no cost to the aggrieved, and all the costs to the taxpayer, it's worth a try.