Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ode to Toronto at 175

Dear earth of my city:
From you we draw our strength,
Land for which many have died
But elsewhere;
Land where many have been born
And nourished;
Land which has welcomed many
Who prospered;
Land which inspires many
To create.

Under your roofs, we find shelter;
In your schools, growth;
In your libraries, ideas;
In your parks, recreation;
From your platforms, culture;
In your laws, protection;
In your streets, each other;
In your places of worship,ourselves;
In your cemeteries, final rest.

Environment impelled,
We renew our city each day;
Reverencing the past,
Enjoying the present,
Planning the future.
Like Ancient Athens's youth,
Let us pledge to make our city
Not only not less, but greater,
Better and more beautiful
Than it was given to us.

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