Monday, April 6, 2009

Taser verses Stapler

Letter to the Toronto Star. Published April 4, 2009.

Re Victim was 'demonized' by RCMP, lawyer says (April 1):

Following their killing of Robert Dziekanski, the RCMP conducted a shameful investigation into his life. They sent investigators to Poland. This attempt to smear the victim cost the taxpayer $58,000.

Let's reverse the situation and investigate the mounties and their private lives. Did this quartet take breathalyzer tests that day? Does any of them have a record of assault, drunk-driving, wife-beating, child abuse and all the other things they investigated about their victim? In fact, such investigations did occur. The results further discredited certain RCMP officers.

Now that the RCMP has declared the stapler an offensive weapon, we should equip the mounties with this lethal device, and take away their tasers.

Of course, the Chiefs of Police advocate tasers. They accepted $100,000 from the manufacturer for their convention. It's time all our police forces at all levels got the public oversight so obviously lacking.

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