Friday, August 19, 2016

Human Rights Commission in error, again

The Webber Academy of Calgary, Alberta, is a non-denominational school near Calgary Alberta.  For not allowing Muslim students to pray on school property, the academy found itself facing the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

On a misreading, if not abuse, of the concept of religious freedom, the commission found discrimination and fined the academy $26,000.

Some followers of Islam believe they must pray five times a day. No specific time is mandated. They can be grouped together, for example, two in the morning, one after school, two in the evening, all off school property. There is no obligation to pray during school hours. The need for accommodation did not present itself.

While school policy bans headgear and facial hair in the classroom, accommodation is made for Sikh students. The requirement of a turban and facial hair is continuing and permanent, no choice of times and places.

Alas! The ignorance of the human rights commission extended to the courtroom where a judge bestowed legal sanction on the error.

The academy is considering an appeal.

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