Thursday, February 18, 2016

Democracy dismissed by Prime Minister

A copy of this post has been forwarded to the Prime Minister.

It's strike two against Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister's idea of transparency does not include democracy 

The issue is the end-of-life law (euphemistically called dying with dignity). The Conservative and New Democratic Parties will allow their members a free vote when the proposed legislation comes before Parliament. 

At that time, Trudeau will deny the right of freedom of expression to the very people who sustain him in office, the Liberal Members of Parliament. 

Strike one in Trudeau's dismissal of democracy occurred last year when, during the election campaign, he vetted would-be Liberal candidates as to their opinion on abortion. Pro-life candidates were summarily dismissed, despite the fact that at least three polls indicated they represented a significant number. About 30 per cent of Canadians favour some control over access to abortion. 

The PM refuses to believe that democracy includes the right of contrary opinion. 

Canadians await strike three.

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