Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Human rights more nebulous than ever

Do the well-paid human righters in the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) ever wonder why some people simply do not take them seriously or indeed scorn their efforts? In its latest venture into uncharted waters, or possibly to stir up more business, the Commission has redefined the word "creed". The chief commissioner speaks: "The door is open" for veganism to be considered a creed.

Vegetarians and their more extreme brethren, the vegans, immediately claimed victory, and thereby legal protection, for their "creed" which includes their version of animal rights. As one of their group put it, "This change is important for ethical vegans, because in instances where accommodation is required they'll have a legal right to enforce it."

Never mind what the word has meant for centuries, the OHRC news release reads, "Creed may also include non-religious belief systems that, like religion, substantially influence a person's identity, world-view and way of life." There are Toronto Maple Leaf hockey fans whose creed is no less strong than that of vegans. The net result may be complaints from tofu munchers, beer guzzlers and other undefined behaviours.

Can't you see it? Ethical vegans will soon demand the right to investigate restaurant kitchens to ensure their food not cooked in animal fat, to demand changes in menus, the censoring of "hot dog" or "pig in a blanket". Will they insist staff not wear leather shoes or belts?

Complainants will object to dissecting frogs in school labs, to wearing uniforms with animal-based components, or attending school functions at steak houses.

Complaints to the OHRC are financed by taxpayers. If the complaint fails, no loss to the vegan. Victory, however, brings a bag of money, usually thousands of dollars. Trying for that pot of gold entails only the loss of time. No matter what you state, you cannot be charged with perjury. The possibility of victory makes it all worthwhile.

We witnessed an earlier manifestation of this nonsense five years ago when the Ontario human righters declared a sex organization a religion. Visit Raelian (August 26, 2011) at the foot of this post.

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